Krystal Apple idea come about from a Portuguese national with over 20 years ‘experience, in 10 countries in the field as a successful Managing Director/General Manager, Operations, concept Development  for nightclubs, Restaurants,  food and beverage (F&B) operations in an High end profile..

With a strong intuitive-psychological skills in management and the ability in developing innovative ideas for new concepts and companies. he have led teams of over 600 staff members. with a remarkable  expertise in managing, consulting and operating F&B and nightclub investments from basic to VIP concepts. and achieved awards in Norway and  Dubai.

confident with the skills that had acquired in the course of a long  professional career and qualifications, Paulo Silva decided to create a company that  can add value to your organization and/Our clients in UAE.

Krystal Apple Consulting is focusing on increasing profitability in the Food and Beverage, Nightclub, Bar and Restaurant industry through special innovative developed and training methodologies. Regardless from the scale and / or multi-outlet operations we deliver efficiency with consistency.

By working with multiple partners we offer the experience and creativity to adapt to the multitude of situations that invariably arise in the hospitality industry and predict what the future could be demanding in all related services.

Krystal Apple

 License 9597/2016