VIP Club/Restaurant Consultation 

Luxury and urban concepts is what we do

We can tailor bespoke a business plan with a new concept, design and guided consultation with full management planning for Nightclub & Restaurant, Bars, Terraces and Lounges.


Krystal Apple is a company that wants their clients to experience the best of both worlds and base their ideology in sourcing partners that suit your requirements best, and only associate with companies that have reputable portfolios.

Join us on this adventure, and watch us do what we do best, consulting with determination and passion.



Krystal Apple Founders has a long history with more than 20 years’ experience in 10 countries as a successful Operations consultancy by rebuilding projects for Nightclubs, High-end Restaurants, Food and Beverages outlets.


Our history surpasses  experience and knowledge within different Countries and Cultures




At Krystal Apple, we love working with creative minded people that are set to move one step further in a great development adventure,

Our consulting team are all European Masters with previous solid and vast experience in UAE best venues and restaurants.

We don't compromise on any Concept, we master them



At Krystal Apple, our collective expertise, background, blended skills and the network is what sets us apart. We are not only Consultants; we are a team who believe in building partnerships.

We based on perfection and simplicity that works best for all parts of F&B and entertainment industry without losing the elegance and finesse of our projects.   

Krystal Apple

 License 9597/2016