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VIP location sourcing

In the realm of gastronomy and hospitality, location is a critical factor in success. Our VIP Location Sourcing service is specifically designed for clients seeking not just exceptional, but truly exclusive venues for their business ventures or special events. Whether it’s for the launch of a new restaurant, exclusive parties, or corporate events, Krystal Apple connects you with locations that exceed expectations.

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Expertise in culinary venues

We specialize in culinary venues, ensuring venues match your restaurant’s concept, ambiance, and demographic, enhancing the dining experience.

Access to exclusive networks

We provide access to exclusive venues through strong industry connections, elevating your restaurant’s image and setting it apart from competitors.

Smooth liaison process

We excel at liaising with venue owners, ensuring smooth communication and negotiation processes, ultimately securing the ideal location that perfectly aligns with your vision and goals.

We aim to help you grow

Our expert approach

leads to progressive results

Tailored services for exclusive demands

Personalized approach

We understand that each client has unique visions and needs. Our goal is to comprehend your vision and transform it into reality by finding the venue that best suits your requirements.

Extensive venue database

Thanks to our broad contacts and database of exclusive venues, we have access to places you might not have known existed. From historic palaces to hidden natural gems, we find the right place for you.

Comprehensive services

Beyond sourcing the venue, we also provide consultations regarding logistics, security, and all other aspects essential for the success of your event or business.

Exclusivity and privacy

We specialize in sourcing venues that offer not just a unique character but also the necessary level of exclusivity and privacy for your guests.

Our clients are the proof of our expertise

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Why choose us for VIP location sourcing?

Opting for Krystal Apple means partnering with a provider that has proven results in finding and securing world-class locations for the most demanding clients. Our expertise and attention to detail ensure that each venue is not just visually stunning but fully meets all your technical and aesthetic requirements.


Discover the dream venue for your business

If you’re looking for a place that elevates your event or business to the next level, Krystal Apple is here to help. Contact us today to start the journey toward discovering a venue that turns your dreams into reality.